1st National Bank of Texas Online Banking


First National Bank Texas provides personal and business banking solutions in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. It offers checking and savings accounts, business accounts, CDs, IRAs, credit cards, consumer and business loans, and mortgages; MasterCard credit, debit, prepaid, and gift cards; and online services. The company also provides personal, business, home equity, and home improvement loans. First National Bank Texas was formerly known as First National Bank and changed its name to First National Bank Texas in July 1998.


Bank Official Website:
• www.1stnb.com

Bank Customer Service Telephone:
• 254-554-6699

Bank Routing Number:
• 111906271

Bank Swift Number:
•This BANK is not part of the SWIFT network, so there is no number.

Online Banking Mobile Apps:

Branch Locator:
Branch Finder Link

1st National Bank of Texas Online Banking Login


Step 1 – Enter 1st National Bank of Texas’ Webpage and input your Username in the “LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT” section, then you must click LOG IN.


Forgot Username/Password – Click the Forgot your username? link if you cannot remember it and input the following: Email address, SSN/TIN, and Account number, then click Submit.

If you can’t remember your Password, you must reset it by clicking the Forgot your password? link on the homepage. Provide your Username, SSN/TIN, and Account number, then click Continue.




Step 1 – Go to 1st National Bank of Texas’ Enrollment Page and read the information provided, then click Continue.


Step 2 – Select “I am an existing First National Bank Texas customer” and click Continue.


Step 3 – Input your Account Number and Social Security Number, then click Continue.