Blackhawk Bank & Trust Online Banking


Blackhawk Bank & Trust provides personal and business banking products and services for individuals and businesses in Illinois and Iowa. Its personal banking products include checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs and individual retirement accounts(IRA), silver hawk club, debit and ATM cards, and credit cards; and business banking products include checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs, credit cards, and credit card processing services.


Bank Official Website:

Bank Customer Service Telephone:
• 1-309-787-7567

Bank Routing Number:
• 071123123

Bank Swift Number:
• This Bank is not part of the SWIFT network, so there is no number.

Online Banking Mobile Apps:

Branch Locator:
Branch Finder Link


Blackhawk Bank & Trust Online Banking Login


Mobile Web Banking is available to anyone with an eCHIEF Internet Banking account and a phone with an Internet browser. This feature includes a safe and secure web address,

which will encrypt your Access ID and ask for your password each time you use this feature.


Mobile Text Banking allows anyone with eCHIEF Internet Banking to access their accounts from a mobile device using SMS (Short Messaging Service) text messaging, with no smart phone required. With mobile text, you are able to view account transactions, check your current balance, and find branch or ATM locations.  Text us at 96924 to request your latest balance and account history. We’ll send back a quick reply 24/7.

Quick Codes

Quick codes are short text messages you send from your mobile device to Blackhawk Bank & Trust to request account information. The Blackhawk Bank & Trust short code is 96924. Below is a list of commonly used quick codes:

BAL – Requests the balance of all enrolled accounts.

HIST – Requests a list of the most recent transactions posted to all enrolled accounts.

ATM + [city, state, or zip] – For example, ATM Milan will request a list of ATMs located in Milan.

BRANCH + [city, state, or zip] – Requests information on Blackhawk Bank & Trust branch locations. the correct format for the Branch + [city, state, or zip] quick code is BRANCH + (space) + [city, state, or zip]. For example, BRANCH 61264 will request a list of branches in that zip code.

STOP – Unsubscribes your mobile device from Blackhawk Bank & Trust text messaging services.

HELP – Responds with the Blackhawk Bank & Trust short code (96924), a list of quick codes for things such as balances, history, ATM, or Branch, and bank contact information.

Quick codes can be typed in mixed lower or uppercase. When you send Blackhawk Bank & Trust a quick code, make sure you send it to the Blackhawk Bank & Trust eCHIEF Mobile Text short code 96924. Although you may be able to store this number in your contacts on your mobile device, we suggest you label it with a generic name to help protect the security of your account information.

Questions? Contact us at ebanking@choosethechief.comFor your protection do not include your access ID, password, Social Security Number, Personal Identification Number (PIN) or other confidential information in emails to Blackhawk Bank & Trust. If you’d like to message us securely, click here.