Vantage Bank of Alabama Online Banking


Vantage Bank of Alabama offers personal and commercial banking services. The bank was founded in 2006 and is based in Albertville, Alabama.


Bank Official Website:

Bank Customer Service Telephone:
• 256-878-8799

Bank Routing Number:
• 062206583

Bank Swift Number:
•This BANK is not part of the SWIFT network, so there is no number.

Online Banking Mobile Apps:

Branch Locator:
Branch Finder Link

Vantage Bank of Alabama Online Banking Login


Step 1 – Go to – Enter your username and password into the “Online Banking” box located to the top left corner of the page.


Step 2 – Once you’ve entered your credentials, click “login” and you will then arrive at your online banking page and may then begin utilizing the features of your account any time of day

Forgotten Password – If a user is unable to recall their password information, simply return to the “Online Banking” area on the home page and click the “Forgot Password?” link. Once you have arrived to the password reset page, you must then enter your telephone number that you have connected to your account. In the next field, enter your Username. Click “Send me a new password.” You will then receive a new temporary password so that you will be able to login. You must then create a new password for your account security. You will again have full access to your online account.


Step 1 – If you are a new user to online banking and would like to set up your account begin by going to This Page – where you will be able to provide all of your required information and customize your account to your specifications.



Step 2 – Click “Begin” at the bottom of the page to be taken to the registration page


Step 3 – In the fields provided, enter the following information. All information is required:

  • Title (From the drop down box -Mr., Mrs. Miss etc)
  • Your first name
  • Your Middle initial
  • Your last name
  • Enter any Suffix (Jr. Sr. I,II,III, etc)
  • Enter your Social Security Number (no spaces or dashes)
  • Account holder’s date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy format)
  • Driver’s License number
  • Your Mother’s maiden name
  • Your address (street)
  • City (from the drop down box)
  • State (from the drop down box)
  • Zip Code
  • Country (from the drop down box)
  • Foreign Postal Code if any
  • Home phone number with area code
  • Work phone number with area code
  • Any other phone numbers you have available with area code (cell)
  • Your email address
  • Re-enter your email address
  • Create a Username and enter it into the field
  • Create a password (click the link for guidelines in creating a secure password you will be able to remember)
  • Re-enter your password once it’s created

Secondary Account Holder

  • Title (From the drop down box -Mr., Mrs. Miss etc)
  • First name
  • Middle Initial
  • Last Name
  • Sufix
  • Social Security Number (no dashes or spaces

Check the box if you choose not to participate in bill payment

  • Specify your billing plan (if participating)

Under “Disclosure” –

  • You must click the link and review the Term and Conditions of your agreement with the bank. Once you have reviewed the terms, you must acknowledge the term and conditions by clicking the acknowledgement box
  • Click continue and you will be guided privately to complete your online enrollment/registration for online banking

Once you have completed all of the steps for your enrollment, you will  be able to login in with your Username and Password to begin using your online account services.